Are you ready to give your car the service it is asking for? Schedule car maintenance or repair right here. Our top-notch service staff can get your car in and out quickly. We know there isn’t much more frustrating than being without your vehicle while it gets repaired. That’s why we have a staff that excels in providing top-notch maintenance and repair – and is able to do it quickly.

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Lowering Springs Fitting

3 hours • £175

We fit the lowering springs supplied by yourselves.ENQUIRE NOW »


Car Health Check

45 minutes • £50

1 hour car health check, with report of anything we think needs attention or investigation.ENQUIRE NOW »


Reduced Supercharger Pulley Fitting

2 hours 30 minutes • £135

Supercharger reduction pulley fitting. You supply the kit with reduced pulley size you want fitted.ENQUIRE NOW »


Diesel Additive Cartridge

Duration varies • £215.99

2006 -2014 mini diesel additive cartridge replacement, programmed to car, system bleed up and warning light reset.ENQUIRE NOW »


Supercharger Service/Oil Change

4 hours • £285

Supercharger service/oil change. Comes complete with water pump seals and essential oil seals. Drive belt can be replaced at same time for £20.ENQUIRE NOW »


Windscreen Wipers

15 minutes • From £10

Bosch super plus blades in stock for fitting while you wait, fronts and rears available.ENQUIRE NOW »


Number Plates

15 minutes • From £15 Each

Number plates supplied and fitted.ENQUIRE NOW »


Bulb Replacement

15 minutes • From £8.99

Bulbs supplied and fitted, most on the shelf.ENQUIRE NOW »


Gearbox Oil Change

30 minutes • 47.99

Gearbox Oil change and leak check.ENQUIRE NOW »


Diagnostics For All Minis R & F Series

30 minutes • £45

Diagnostics plug in for all Minis R & F Series. Main dealer services offered.ENQUIRE NOW »


Coolant Antifreeze Replacement

1 hour • £49.99

Antifreeze & Coolant Replacement and full bleeding of system.ENQUIRE NOW »


Timing Chain & Components Replacement

5 hours • Starting From £575

Timing Chain, Tensioner, Guides, VVT Unit, Sprockets, Relevant Gaskets.ENQUIRE NOW »


Minor Or Full Comprehensive Car Service

3 hours • Starting From £197.50

Minor Or Full Comprehensive Car Service with full report supplied.ENQUIRE NOW »



1 hour • £54.95

Full MOT with report. Any necessary repairs can be completed also.ENQUIRE NOW »


Clutch Replacement & Gearbox Oil Change

7 hours • Starting From £575.00

3 Piece clutch replacement and new gearbox oil. DMWF if required.ENQUIRE NOW »


Oil & Filter Change

40 minutes • £49.99

Oil & Filter change with service indicator reset.ENQUIRE NOW »


Air Conditioning Recharge

40 minutes • £59.99

Air conditioning recharge. We vacuum test your system for leaks and re-gas the car.ENQUIRE NOW »

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